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TRUFA store in Lisbon

We create comfortable yet elegant pieces, made in Portugal in limited editions.

TRUFA's creations are always based in the set of values that guides us:

We make our clothes and accessories from carefully selected quality fabrics. 
Thanks to their classic and feminine designs, our clothes are timeless classics for any woman who values well-made, great-fitting clothes.

Portuguese resources and tradition
Our clothes honour the quality of the “made in Portugal” label as well as our traditional handcrafts, which sets them apart from other fashion labels.
Bringing artisans’ work “to the surface” enables us as a country to keep cultural inheritances alive and helps showcase our often hidden resources.
We pride ourselves of being a 100% Portuguese brand that cherishes local resources and uses them as much as possible. 

We make ethical partnerships with Portuguese suppliers and artisans, supporting jobs in regional areas.
As our sourcing and production are local, our carbon footprint is considerable smaller than larger international brands.
Our clothes are made to last, which sets them apart from the “fast fashion” trend that ravages the planet.

Our moto
Unearth Portugal’s hidden treasures